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A Sword Shall Pierce Your Soul
The Story of Jesus' Mother
by Lorne Brandt

Based on the biblical account of Mary, mother of Jesus, A Sword Shall Pierce Your Soul takes readers back to first-century Israel, where they meet a young woman whose “Yes” to God heralded the first notes of the gospel. From her engagement to Joseph to her conversations with her resurrected son, Mary was a faithful constant in the life of Jesus.

Lorne Brandt has crafted a “cast of characters,” most biblical and some fictional, who carry the story through their dialogue and actions, and display the humanity of those who walked with God Himself. A moving read for audiences of all ages, A Sword Shall Pierce Your Soul will spark the readers’ imagination and provide a glimpse into what might have happened two thousand years ago. The book title of this, his first published book, encapsulates questions that remained unanswered for Jesus’ mother till after the resurrection.

Lorne Brandt graduated with a degree in Christian Education from Canadian Mennonite Bible College, now Canadian Mennonite University, in 1967. Since then he has served as a lay preacher, Bible reader, and study group leader. Brandt’s writing is informed by his years of study, stories from visits to the Holy Land and his being a psychiatrist by profession, which enriches his insights into people’s characters and their relationships.


Lorne Brandt

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