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  • A Growing Concern


    The Neiare departed the Ecuadorian port on a scheduled exercise along a bearing closely straddling the equator. The ship's working crew plus a technical staff of horticulturists were soon to be pulled violently from their normal monotonous daily ...

  • Terbium

    The Ice-Bound El Dorado by

    Canada’s far north. A vast, frozen and barren land where survival is never guaranteed, and where the northern lights gather in the sky like silent witnesses. It’s in this environment that Mike Gagnon, an experienced pilot and former police officer, ...

  • Distant Legacy

    Conscription Day by

    In the mid-2060s in Winnipeg, Manitoba, World War Three is winding down after thirty years of fighting, and Canada has finally pulled out of the war. Gary Foltz, a former math teacher, is one of the few surviving Canadian veterans, and he is seeing ...