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  • From Terra to Harmonia

    Out of the Sun by

    The year is 2140, and Expedition 1 has safely left Earth for its projected forty-year-long mission to the planet Harmonia, in hopes of settling a colony there. Humans have depleted almost all of Earth’s resources and now are on the verge of ...

  • Life-Line: Origins


    Over a million years in the future, a desperate stowaway lies concealed in a space freighter’s cargo hold. Tam Amergan is bound for the prison world Corustloth, where his partner Brogan has been abducted. Ever since the Senate took over the ...

  • Ruins


    Set one year after the start of Avala Book 2, this stunning tale tells the continued story of Avala's journey to becoming a Spirit of the Mindscapes. As the war between the Republic of Earth and the Yajiran Empire continues, Avala struggles against ...

  • The Cadineag Crisis


    After decades of climate crises and pollution on earth, humanity discovers a planet that could hold the potential for a new home for humanity. A young and ambitious science journalist named Maria Southwind is selected to cover the mission and given ...

  • Universe's Edge

    Saturn Expedition by

    The Saturn Expedition left a massive rift and moon dust in its wake. The Voth Moon rings are named after the valiant Captain of the UEV (Unified Earth Vessel) Petra Gowanofski. Captain Courtney Viola Voth kept her spacecraft from slamming into the ...

  • Catria's Cohort


    Have you ever thought about future space travel? What restrictions would be placed on passengers and crew? What would everyday life be like aboard ship for generations, with little chance of finding a suitable planet to call home? Would we adapt to ...

  • Intersections

    Chance, Fate and Destiny by

    Set in the latter half of the 21st century, the book chronicles the lives of a group of ordinary people from childhood to the brink of events with catastrophic effects in the offing. Enchanted by Mars as a frontier of human endeavor, the group ...

  • Moonflaw


    For more years than he can remember, astronomer Ernie Cowarth has been sworn to secrecy on behalf of the United States government regarding an incomprehensible lunar event—later known as the "moonflaw"—that occurred in late October 1953. Due to ...