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  • Montaperti

    A Question of Loyalty by

    It is the night of September 3, 1260, and the Sienese army is preparing for war. Vastly outnumbered by the superior forces of Florence, Siena faces certain defeat in the battle, an outcome that would destroy her prosperity and influence. Farinata...

  • Shamrock

    Patrick and Brigid in Ireland by

    The Roman Province of Britain 402 A.D. Irish pirates kidnap young Patrick and sell him into slavery. He falls in love. He flees his master and returns home. Nothing there is as he remembers. The shame of his past haunts him. Eventually, the Pope...

  • Unamakik, Land of Fog

    A Viking-Age Woman Ventures into the New World by

    On an expedition to Westland in search of timber, Thora Thorvinnsdottir continues to be caught in the web of her estranged husband’s cruel animosity. Thora’s countrymen abandon her in a narrow escape from an ambush by a band of native...

  • Atoned


    Set in a Medieval background, Atoned is a story of love, murder, revenge, and atonement. Darias, son of a high-ranking Northern Realm Wolf Lord, has been betrothed since childhood to Keara, who is from a noble Southern Realm family. Dreading the...

  • A Tale of Thorns and Honey


    A Welsh Chieftain’s Daughter, An English Warlord, And A Love That Defies Their World › › › It is the year 1277, and the fiercely brave Enith ab Owen must leave Wales and all she loves to go to King Edward of England as guarantee to the peace of...

  • Faraj!

    A Space of Possibility by

    “Faraj” is a Farsi word meaning an opening, a blessing, a space of possibility. Ābtin journeys for a whole year, across deserts and mountains to the sea. The young Zoroastrian hopes to come to terms with his harsh father and his own ambivalence...