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  • Where She Belongs


    Ten years ago, Amelia left her hometown of Sierra Blanca, Texas to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer in New York City. Now, tragedy has ripped her life apart, and she finds herself driving south across the country to solve the ...

  • Trail of Lies


    For nearly twenty years Madeline Forrester was the perfect granddaughter. She did everything her overbearing grandmother asked of her, even kept a terrible secret for her. Then Maddie’s grandmother dies and everything changes. First she does all ...

  • Horses Cry


    This original story explodes around Southern Alberta cowboy Spud Murphy and his horse, Prairie Wind. Spud is a rodeo competitor in the Steer Wrestling event, his rodeo adventures have him participating in the Western Canadian and United States rodeo ...


    She is American! (Kanojo wa Amerika-jin desu!) by

    Evelyn is a story of love, peace, espionage, survival, violence, revenge and greed. A mother—with her two young children—escape from their Japanese captors during WWII disguised as Filipinos, and fight for survival. During these struggles she moves ...

  • The Late Unpleasantness


    The mere absence of war is not peace (John F. Kennedy). That is the premise of “The Late Unpleasantness”, a post-Civil War novel whose title derives from a common reference by genteel folk of the time to the war that left over 600,000 dead. Through ...