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  • The Lovely And Dangerous Launch Of Lucy Cavanagh


    It’s spring of 1867, and Lucy Cavanagh—NYC heiress, literary lover, and dreamer—is taking the biggest risk of her life. She’s left everything behind to journey west, in the hopes of reconnecting with the only person who can answer questions that ...

  • Where She Belongs


    Ten years ago, Amelia left her hometown of Sierra Blanca, Texas to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer in New York City. Now, tragedy has ripped her life apart, and she finds herself driving south across the country to solve the ...

  • Trail of Lies


    For nearly twenty years Madeline Forrester was the perfect granddaughter. She did everything her overbearing grandmother asked of her, even kept a terrible secret for her. Then Maddie’s grandmother dies and everything changes. First she does all ...

  • Horses Cry


    This original story explodes around Southern Alberta cowboy Spud Murphy and his horse, Prairie Wind. Spud is a rodeo competitor in the Steer Wrestling event, his rodeo adventures have him participating in the Western Canadian and United States rodeo ...


    She is American! (Kanojo wa Amerika-jin desu!) by

    Evelyn is a story of love, peace, espionage, survival, violence, revenge and greed. A mother—with her two young children—escape from their Japanese captors during WWII disguised as Filipinos, and fight for survival. During these struggles she moves ...

  • The Late Unpleasantness


    The mere absence of war is not peace (John F. Kennedy). That is the premise of “The Late Unpleasantness”, a post-Civil War novel whose title derives from a common reference by genteel folk of the time to the war that left over 600,000 dead. Through ...