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  • Tides of the Sovereign


    A centuries-old rebirth curse, an otherworldly Celtic prince, and an inescapable prophecy. Thirty-year-old magic Bearer Julia Harrison had never given the notion of past lives or grand destinies any real credence or thought. She has knowledge of ...

  • Rhubarb, Strawberries, and Willows


    Hurtling up Highway 69 toward Sudbury in her VW bug, Kate Dumont Walker decides she’s going to keep her baby. After all, it’s the 1980s. That is, until she is unexpectedly plunged 100 years into the past, without her Amelia, to the early days of her ...

  • Sky Watcher

    Déjà-Vu by

    Charlotte Harper’s best friend Jessica is shocked to receive a letter detailing Charlotte’s journey back in time to save her possible ancestor Elizabeth. The letter, written in 1819, speaks of the consequences of Charlotte’s actions and asks for ...

  • Among The Thorns


    After a crushing breakup, Katie Ross takes a summer job at a hotel in a small town in Colorado that recreates an early twentieth- century theme for its guests. There she falls into character and enjoys the romance of a bygone era. Soon, though, she ...

  • Sky Watcher

    A Shadow in Time by

    Charlotte Harper’s life isn’t going as she expected. She had to change her course of studies, her ex-boyfriend has hooked up with her best friend, and she misses her mother desperately since her passing. Searching for meaning and direction, she ...

  • Warped

    a novel of involuntary time travel by

    Andy Card is depressed. His live-in girlfriend has left him and he’s had to close his Upper West Side antique shop due to the recession. Knowing that bad things come in threes, he’s waiting for the next shoe to drop. But he’s unprepared for what ...

  • Tangled Destiny


    It is 1778, and the contractual marriage between Christian St. Clair and Catherine Trevane will unite two of the most powerful families in South Carolina. But when Catherine disappears just weeks before the wedding, both families are at their wits ...