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Time Travel, Alternate Dimensions, Assassination, Secret Government Organizations, Terrorism, Romance, Dark Humor

a novel of involuntary time travel
by Ron Mitchell

Andy Card is depressed. His live-in girlfriend has left him and he’s had to close his Upper West Side antique shop due to the recession. Knowing that bad things come in threes, he’s waiting for the next shoe to drop. But he’s unprepared for what comes next: finding himself ricocheting back and forth through time. Along the way he hooks up with a fellow time traveler, a potty-mouthed beauty from a parallel dimension, and they soon discover they’ve been groomed to save the world from nuclear annihilation. After that, it’s a race against time between the young couple and a genocidal dictator-for-life.

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Ron Mitchell is a spectacularly unsuccessful writer with six unpublished novels to his credit, or discredit, depending on one’s perspective. A semi-retired antique dealer who resides in Sanford, North Carolina, he is an avid collector of Asian antiques, useless trivia and computer viruses. This is his first comic novel and he is currently at work on a second which explores the lighter side of life after death.


Ron Mitchell

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