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  • Blaze of Fury

    Mountains and Valleys of Life by

    Austin and Jan, would never have believed that their paths would cross again, let alone the hope of rekindling their love for each other, and even the possibility of a future together. Only their past now disrupted their future, when Austin’s ...

  • From a Distance


    Kate Taylor is lost. What she once believed crumbled around her, affecting not only herself but her beloved daughters, causing heartbreaking damage and estrangement. Nick Mercer is tormented. How can he repair his son's latest disappointment and ...

  • Lester's Gift


    If you aren’t the person you thought you were, then who are you? After his wife Cassandra is killed under mysterious conditions, Lester Whittall finds his orderly life destroyed. Who killed Cassandra and why was she in that strange location are the ...

  • Desolation Sound

    A Novel by

    This book is about recovery from loss. In the aftermath of a death, Ann Patterson's family is becoming unglued. To save it, the hot-tempered librarian splurges on a trip to Desolation Sound. The trip turns out far different from her expectations. ...

  • Legs


    Imagine yourself at the gym. You’re wiping the sweat from your face after working out on the elliptical machine for 60 minutes. You’re feeling fat and ugly, tired, and ready to take a hot shower when all of a sudden you see a gorgeous pair of ...

  • Clementine Court

    A Place Where Friends Meet by

    Jen, in her early thirties, is facing the collapse of her marriage. Determined to start fresh, she relocates to a quaint, English seaside town. When her husband Nigel, suddenly crashes back into Jen’s life, he brings some surprising secrets. Will ...

  • The Gatehouse


    The Gatehouse: A compelling family saga begins with tragedy and loss leading to new beginnings. From his childhood home of Henley Hall in Kent, England, Kenneth Henley and his four children struggle with the death of his wife and their mother ...

  • We Made A Pact


    We Made A Pact is not a love story. It is a story of a promise made between soul mates who loved their entire life. The type of love that comes with maturity, in which each touched a part of the others mind that no words could ever reach. Beginning ...

  • Interiors


    Interior design firm owner Rebecca Armstrong thrives on her work. It helps her set aside her feelings about the tragic loss of her adoptive parents a decade earlier and a manipulative lover who deserted her in her time of need. When Rebecca lands a ...