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  • Nursing for the Faint of Heart


    Lauren, a first-year nurse, wonders if she’s up to the challenge of her first job. After four years of nursing school and three months of job searching, she’s finally landed a position on the surgical orthopedics ward of a major Vancouver hospital. ...

  • Le Cygne Perdu

    Un Triangle Amoureux Inattendu by

    L’urgentiste Kimberly Williams pensait qu'elle avait tout pour elle: une carrière en plein essor, un avenir prometteur et une relation passionnée avec le Docteur Stefan Armani. Jusqu’au jour où Stefan disparaît sans laisser de trace pour revenir ...

  • The Two Swans

    An Unexpected Love Triangle by

    Emergency room physician Kimberly Williams thought she had it all: a blossoming career, a promising future, and a passionate relationship with Dr. Stefan Armani. Then Stefan vanishes without a trace only to return six months later, just as Kimberly ...