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  • Twisted Unraveled


    John Stilton peers down at a lifeless body after his murderer dragged it to its final resting place. His spirit cannot rest until it determines who committed this heinous act. Meanwhile his wife, Heather, types away at his uncompleted novel. John ...

  • The Curse Of The Moldavian Tango


    Dizzy Pollen is at the top of his game as a jazz bandleader and trumpet player in 1930s San Francisco. When his group is booked for a multi-country tour of Europe, he sets out on what he knows will be the trip of a lifetime. The tour takes them to ...

  • The Case of Mary-Rose

    A Leonard Stevenson Novel by

    Leonard Stevenson, a retired lawyer, and an indefatigable righter of wrongs, takes up the challenge again in The Case of Mary-Rose, the second book in the Stevenson series. Leonard leads the reader through Central America and the Caribbean as he ...