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  • Onions and Oranges

    A Willis Prescott Mystery by

    After twenty-five years with the Sacramento Police Department, Willis Prescott has now spent almost ten years as a private investigator. So far, many of his cases have been rather straight forward—that is, until Will receives a call from Lorna ...

  • Follow the Crypto


    After an earthquake rocks Bellingham, Washington, a building partially collapses and emergency personnel find what appears to be a money-laundering and illegal drug operation. Secret Service Special Agent Lucas Bitterman is called from San Francisco ...

  • The House on Bathurst Street


    For Detective Chief Inspector Cameron Salnicki, who has served with the Toronto Metropolitan Police Force for almost two decades, murder is something he often sees on the streets. But the murder of a young prostitute offers him something different ...

  • i Hit

    The Lifestyle People Are Dying To Live by

    Damon is a normal man, with a wife, a child, and a love of hunting. He also happens to be a hitman at the centre of a never-ending gang war. From Italian crime families moving coke across the border to Polish contractors just trying to stay above ...

  • Death of a Tycoon


    Shortly after wrapping up the case of a murdered judge in the small community of Pineview, the discovery of a body on the beach during her early morning jog plunges lawyer Vivian Clarke into yet another murder mystery. Teaming up once again with ...

  • Ridley's War

    When a War Ends the Killing Doesn't Always Stop by

    When Detective George Ridley accompanies his war-vet father Bert to the countryside for a military reunion marking D-Day, he doesn’t expect to become entwined in a murder investigation and an Italian art theft scandal from World War II. But after ...

  • Lady In The Red Hat


    A severed thumb leads an eccentric Mexican homicide detective to the Mafia, Russian mobsters, diamond smuggling, murder, and a lady in a red hat.

  • Inoculum


    Alec Alton is a member of an elite RCMP National Security team investigating a Pakistani drug trafficking organization. But when his suspects turn up dead, Alec joins up with a colleague, a highly specialized and skilled agent. Together, they trace ...

  • Dallas’ Ride


    Dallas is smart, beautiful, and ambitious. Although newly appointed as Sheriff of Desire, Colorado, she is eager to prove herself. So when she hears the National Six-Day Endurance Race—a grueling motorcycle race that has never been won by a woman—is ...

  • A Fine Line

    A Reason to Kill by

    As a young boy, he suffered unspeakable physical and mental abuse at the hands of unfit parents. This forged him into a brutal serial killer. As a man, he possesses great physical strength. He evades police at every turn and considers himself ...