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  • Death of a Tycoon


    Shortly after wrapping up the case of a murdered judge in the small community of Pineview, the discovery of a body on the beach during her early morning jog plunges lawyer Vivian Clarke into yet another murder mystery. Teaming up once again with ...

  • Whispers in the Medina


    When a fellow agent inexplicably vanishes during a standard observation assignment in Morocco, the San Martín brothers are pulled, yet again, into a dark underworld of organized crime, drugs, and global intrigue. But in the seventh installment of ...

  • Lady In The Red Hat


    A severed thumb leads an eccentric Mexican homicide detective to the Mafia, Russian mobsters, diamond smuggling, murder, and a lady in a red hat.

  • Ridley's War

    When a War Ends the Killing Doesn't Always Stop by

    When Detective George Ridley accompanies his war-vet father Bert to the countryside for a military reunion marking D-Day, he doesn’t expect to become entwined in a murder investigation and an Italian art theft scandal from World War II. But after ...

  • The Last Land


    Suburban real estate, greed, and murder: welcome to the Last Land. The Last Land is the only undeveloped real estate left in elite Bestham, a trendy suburb of Boston. When the forested acreage is finally sold for development over a holiday weekend, ...

  • The Case of the Golden Helmet


    Tom Thomas is a Special Investigator with the Canada Revenue Agency. Tom Thomas, a CRA special investigator, is assigned the case of an individual who been been taken to court for failure to file tax returns. The individual filed four years of ...

  • Well, I'll Be Damned!


    Film editor Rick Potter is serving thirty years for a murder he didn’t commit . . . but all things considered, life behind bars isn’t so bad. In fact, he’s flourishing in his new environment, regaling his colorful group of fellow inmates with tales ...

  • The Throwaways


    INFIDELITY, SEX, LUST, ENVY, ADOPTION, ABORTION, LIES. While investigating the murder of a popular, small town family man, many secrets are unearthed about William Valentino's past that could have led to his death. As Detectives Scott and Miller, ...

  • Inoculum


    Alec Alton is a member of an elite RCMP National Security team investigating a Pakistani drug trafficking organization. But when his suspects turn up dead, Alec joins up with a colleague, a highly specialized and skilled agent. Together, they trace ...

  • The Call of the Wyldes


    THE CALL OF THE WYLDES is a murder mystery which explores how far people might stray to protect what they have, recover what they’ve lost or obtain what they want. It is like “Succession” but with the murder of a key family member. The Wyldes are a ...