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  • On Time

    A Novella in Seven Chapters by

    “Okay, so according to your questionnaire,” she said, touching it as if reading, “you got together over forty-two years ago. In 1977.” “September 21, 1977,” I specified. “It was a Thursday.” “And how did this come about? How did you ...

  • You Can't Make This $#!+ Up!

    Retail: Politics like you've never seen it before! by

    This can’t be happening! Mike Triggs had spent most of his life in politics, primarily working for the Republican Party. In fact, he was considered a political golden boy until his career is forever tarnished. While managing a governor’s re-election ...

  • A Master Plan of my Love Life


    Anthony falls in love. His story throws a bright shaft of light on the miss-trusts, the family secrets and the lies, whilst dealing with his mom’s mental illness, her cancer, and his errant father. Imelda, Anthony’s mom, persistently interferes with ...

  • Wandering Stragglers


    Xiao Wei is lost, in more ways than one. A member of China’s “Forgotten Generation,” survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, he finds himself at a Central Committee Meeting one year after the Tiananmen Square massacre. There, he meets Ming. Both ...

  • Antique Roman


    In the tale of Hamlet, Horatio is recorded as a loyal friend, but what if he were more? What if he filled Hamlet’s heart and dreams? And Hamlet filled his? This modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, told through Horatio’s eyes is much more than ...

  • Angel

    Luka's Story by

    Lucika Roggy has built a life around the struggles of helping his drowning mother keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. When he meets Kaia Arche, he soon realizes that this haunted customer is different than the bastards he knows too ...

  • Concerto for Two Boys and a Dog


    Growing up in Illinois in the 1950s and 1960s, Bob and Jeff are intimate friends who are separated at age eight by a family tragedy that breaks their world apart. Reunited in high school, they both have changed and each is afraid the other won’t ...

  • The Handsome Twist


    The Handsome Twist is a dark fiction fairytale inspired by the very true events in the author’s life, being raised in Iran as a LGBTQ+ male, which for many who don’t know is equivalent to a punitive fatality in this country. Due to tackling topics ...

  • Fragments


    Maloose’s first book “Fragments” is a collection of morbid and somber short stories written in a span of twenty years, mainly during high school and college. He drew the illustrations himself specifically as part of each story.