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Adoption, British Columbia, Dementia, Family, Love, Same-sex marriage, Vancouver, Victoria

A Master Plan of my Love Life
by Anne Beatson

Anthony falls in love. His story throws a bright shaft of light on the miss-trusts, the family secrets and the lies, whilst dealing with his mom’s mental illness, her cancer, and his errant father. Imelda, Anthony’s mom, persistently interferes with his stagnant love life; she’s relentless in her task to have a grandchild.

A devoted son who plans his life in detail, navigates his career and personal life, and propels towards a future with James amid family turbulence. He is determined to evolve into family life, facing many trials and tribulations. Anthony and James collaborate, hoping to realize their dreams of a family.

This heart-warming, romantic story is set in Victoria, Vancouver Island, where the scenery is spectacular, the people are friendly, and the wildlife is diverse. It’s a place of love, laughter, tears, and a little bit of magic.

Anne Beatson was born in Darwen, Lancashire, UK, and who now lives in Alberta, Canada. She finally wrote her first novel, after writing several stage plays of murder mysteries. She worked at MacEwan University in Edmonton, where she helped prepare a program called “Write Your Own Story,” which allowed her to attend some quality time touring the Rockies with Dr. J. W. Grant MacEwan, a prolific writer and historian.


Anne Beatson

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