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  • The Buried City


    In the fae country of Jesuvia, Reyna, the feisty daughter of a war general, has been charged with burning down a temple. Her punishment is to live with and serve the ancient, eccentric faeries in the ghostly Buried City. She slowly grows close to ...

  • A World Divided


    FRIENDS ARE THE FAMILY YOU CHOOSE Queen Calista of East Marra and King Phoenix of West Marra are the newly appointed regents of the fractured LaMarra a once unified land driven by the magic of the Goddess of the River Marra. They now find themselves ...

  • The Red Envelope


    The death of his lover of five years, Marcus, changed everything for Li Ying. A 29-year-old illustrator from Vancouver, whose ability to see the world that lurks behind the corporeal can be a real headache sometimes. One moment, he is discussing ...

  • The Sun Child


    This fantasy fiction novel will allow readers to be transported into the realm of Greek mythology. Our main character will embark on a self-discovery journey of magic and romance. Shelley takes us to the magical city of Paris, with its cobblestone ...

  • Sky Watcher

    Déjà-Vu by

    Charlotte Harper’s best friend Jessica is shocked to receive a letter detailing Charlotte’s journey back in time to save her possible ancestor Elizabeth. The letter, written in 1819, speaks of the consequences of Charlotte’s actions and asks for ...

  • On the Trail of the Wind's Tears

    a sequel to On the Trail of the Ruthless Warlock by

    In On the Trail of the Ruthless Warlock, a band of warriors and two sorceresses—with advice from the Witch of the Great East Wood—joined forces to battle a powerful warlock. Now they are called to a new quest when sorceress Veras senses something ...

  • The Legend of Elizabeth


    Vanished Lady Eve has disappeared without a trace. A group of rescuers heads south, thinking her kidnapped by the hostile Kingdom of Vrotus. However, when a mysterious fae appears at Dragon Hill, Elizabeth realizes that what’s at stake is not just ...

  • Atoned


    Set in a Medieval background, Atoned is a story of love, murder, revenge, and atonement. Darias, son of a high-ranking Northern Realm Wolf Lord, has been betrothed since childhood to Keara, who is from a noble Southern Realm family. Dreading the ...