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  • Over the Rail Fence

    Lessons in Life from the Farm by

    Life on the farm taught Ken MacKenzie many things: integrity, responsibility, generosity, and stewardship. In this compendium of childhood recollections, Ken shares these lessons through another farm tradition: storytelling. Guided by the wisdom ...

  • Storm Orphan

    A Memoir by

    When Marsha Barrett is six years old, her mother dies of cancer. The youngest of three sisters in a Jewish family, she goes through a turbulent youth during the 1960s and 1970s, rebelling against her demanding and often absent father. Barrett ...

  • A Letter to My Father

    What Your Son Wants to Tell You But Doesn't by

    Many books have been written about the father-son relationship. Most of the readers are well-meaning fathers looking for helpful advice on how to build a relationship with their sons and impact them in a real, meaningful way from older wise men, who ...

  • Another Year On The Family Farm

    With More Life Lessons Learned by

    It’s 1970, mere months after the first man walked on the moon. The Vietnam War is raging on, drawing thousands of young American men into compulsory military service. Campus riots become commonplace, while Bridge Over Troubled Water tops the music ...