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  • LeaderShift 2020

    Reinventing Our Schools For Extraordinary and Uncertain Times by

    in·san·i·ty /inˈsanədē/ noun • doing the same thing you have always done, but expecting, wanting, or needing completely different results (Chinni et al., 2019) The modern age demands a modern education. We cannot continue to act in the same ...

  • Before Brittney

    A Legacy of Champions by

    This book is about champions in women’s athletics at Baylor University–the champions who competed, the champions who coached, the champions who provided the advocacy and leadership for the women’s athletic program, and the champions who have brought ...

  • Soar

    From Glan to Maryland by

    This book is an inspiring life story of a poor farm boy whose extreme poverty was not an obstacle to soar high and achieve his dreams, but served as a challenge to rise above it. His unwavering focus, hard work, tenacity, and great faith in God, got ...