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  • Chef Eats

    Recipes and Techniques by

    There is something so satisfying about cooking from scratch, especially making staples like mustard, hot sauce, and smoked bacon elevated by the subtle sweetness of maple syrup. Or exploring unconventional ingredients, whether decadent wagyu ...

  • The Petite Palate Collection

    Memoir and Recipes from the Kitchen of S. Jane Parker by

    Before the word “foodie” ever entered the lexicon, Sara Jane Parker was ahead of the curve, crafting dishes like avocado toast and putting curry into seafood salad. The Petite Palate Collection: Memoir and Recipes from the Kitchen of S. Jane Parker ...

  • Mom's Lemon Tree

    90 Lebanese family recipes by

    "Just as my mother learned to cook from her mother, I honed my cooking by watching my mom, grandmothers and aunts, who were all queens in their respective kitchens." Mom’s Lemon Tree is the story of how a family that has crossed the world time and ...

  • Tossed

    Salads Celebrating the Challenge of the 100 Day Project by

    Do we really need a recipe to make a salad? Back in the days of the Roman Empire, the first sense of a salad was aptly christened Herba Salata. Herba, meaning greens, or any vegetation foraged from the wild Salata, from the root word, ‘sal’, ...

  • Mom's Unwritten Recipes

    Main Courses by

    Because of my love for cooking, my mom's unorganized collection of recipes and those recipes that never were written down, this cookbook has been created. This cookbook has over 100 recipes of main courses, including soups, breads, preserves and ...

  • Rose Reisman's Meal Revolution

    Recipes Inspired by Canada's New Food Guide by

    Canada’s Food Guide was first published in 1942, undergoing 8 revisions by 2019. None had been truly successful in getting people to eat better because the guide lacked accessible explanations of how to use it. Yet, healthy eating may lower the risk ...

  • Cupcakes - All Occasion Treats

    Hearty & Healthy to Delicate & Delicious by

    Learn to make the most dazzling and cherished homemade cupcakes, made with simple ingredients, in less than 30 minutes. In this 25th Anniversary Edition, Annette shares her collection of timeless, kitchen-tested cupcake recipes as well as her ...

  • River Entertaining

    Food and Drink Ideas for Boaters In the Thousand Islands by

    Boaters enjoy the simple life, the simpler the better! That’s why I wanted to collect very easy food and drink ideas for entertaining on your boat, with minimal ingredients and preparation. Spend more time with your “mates”!!!!

  • Good Food - Your go to Guide


    GOOD FOOD - Your Go-To Guide Healthy nutrition information How to shop, store and prepare GOOD FOOD How to plan weekly menus plus a one day cooking plan Herb and spices to flavour your meals Tips on healthier eating out Vegetarian and vegan ...

  • Icing Only


    If you buy this book you will not have to spend time searching for good icings. It has everything from a professional looking basic rolled fondant to a delicious tropical swirl icing. This book is a good investment for anyone who loves to bake cakes ...