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Salads Celebrating the Challenge of the 100 Day Project
by Alexandra Rathgeber

Do we really need a recipe to make a salad?

Back in the days of the Roman Empire, the first sense of a salad was aptly christened Herba Salata.

Herba, meaning greens, or any vegetation foraged from the wild

Salata, from the root word, ‘sal’, meaning salt

In those early days, this would be translated as a fresh green leaf, a tomato, or a radish, adorned with a sprinkle of salt. No recipe required!

Fast forward to today.

Gone is the notion that a salad is merely a wedge of iceberg lettuce smothered in a pour of 1,000 Island dressing with the optimism of bringing some pizazz to a scatter of tasteless tomatoes. This notion has been tossed.

Limitless possibilities and countless combinations set the stage for creativity and adventure.

TOSSED is a collection of 100 salads that celebrate the wide array of edibles we have at our fingertips.

TOSSED is also a celebration of the completion of the 100 Day Project and confirmation of the notion that one small thing done every day, over many days, creates a pathway for new ideas and accomplishments to blossom.

1 action x 10 minutes daily x 100 days = 100 Salad Recipes = TOSSED

Alexandra Rathgeber photo

Alexandra Rathgeber is the creator of the website and food blog, Chili Peppers and Pears. She draws on her experience and love of food, cooking, and recipe development. In TOSSED, she draws on her love of salads.

In addition to having professional culinary training, Alexandra has also had a career in education and psychology.


Alexandra Rathgeber
Arthur Rathgeber

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