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  • Managing The PMO Lifecycle: 2nd Edition

    A Step by Step Guide to PMO Set-up, Build-out and Sustainability by

    Managing the PMO Lifecycle (PMOLC) is a collective effort to highlight what goes into the set-up, the build-out and the sustainability of the Project Management Offices (PMOs). It provides the drivers, the benefits and the know-how.The book’s main ...

  • The Art of Consulting


    “WE ARE ALL CONSULTANTS one way or another—most people just haven’t realized that yet. Anyone providing knowledgeable advice or services to others, independently of their profession, is a consultant. There are certain characteristics that we must ...

  • the Two Hour leader


    A ll field-based managers receive corporate leadership training of some kind. Yet, despite having completed the same training, some managers rise to the top rankings and some descend to the bottom or reach and sustain “average” for much of their ...

  • Are You Taking Ownership of Your Career?

    A Guide for the Canadian Independent Contractor by

    Not everyone is suited to be an employee! Operating a business to manufacture or sell a product is easy for those who have the capital resources to do so. For those brought up in the information age and educated to provide services rather than sell ...