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The Art of Consulting with Teams
by Jose Herrera

The challenges we face in business consulting are many—most especially if we find ourselves leading or managing a team. In this original work, veteran consultant Jose Herrera follows up his first book, The Art of Consulting, by focusing on the particular trials that managers or leaders of consulting teams face—and how best to overcome them. This practical, tightly organized guidebook delivers insightful advice on a range of issues, including how best to . . .

• Approach hiring for consulting engagements, locally and globally

• Delineate and assign the tasks involved in a project to your team members

• Make the best use of technology for your group’s projects

• Help develop your team members’ personal brands

• Foster a culture of trust and self-responsibility on your team

• Resolve any conflicts that might arise between team members

• And much more!

Filled with helpful guidelines and anchored by an ongoing semi-fictional case study based on the author’s experiences, readers will find a wealth of helpful, practicable techniques for consulting with teams here, which are sure to bring them to reflect on their experiences in a new light. Whether you’re a seasoned manager of a consulting team or are hoping to occupy your first position of leadership on a project someday soon, The Art of Consulting with Teams is a must-read.

"The ability to build and maintain high performing teams is critical to an organization’s success, especially with today’s rapid innovation cycles. But doing so is complex, with many factors to consider, especially when the teams are comprised of a mix of consultants and organizational resources. Jose does a fantastic job guiding the reader through this maze of considerations. His many years of practical expertise is evident in the material, and the content is clear and concise while avoiding the buzzwords that typically appear on this subject. From the challenges of working with different personalities, to the mechanics of executing effectively as a consultant in a team setting, Jose’s real-world examples and common-sense approach apply to any team, regardless of industry. Follow his guidelines, and you are sure to ramp upyour ability to work with and lead teams of various forms. Love the travel stories as well!"

—Nelson Petracek, Chief Technology Officer, Canada

"If you are new to Consulting, reading Jose’s insight and knowledge in this book will shorten your learning curve by an order of magnitude. And if you have years of experience under your belt, I promise you, every chapter in this book will surprise you with knowledge that will become invaluable in your day-to-day job."

—Gerardo Garza, Business Solutions Practice Lead, Canada

"The Art of Consulting with Teams is an in-depth guide and provides something to everyone, whether you are new to consulting, a veteran road warrior or you work with consultants in your organization. Jose’s depth of experience and talent as a storyteller; bringing key lessons and tips and tricks from his many years or work in the trenches to help make everyone in their next engagement."

—Michael Anderson, Manager Cloud Services, Canada

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With over thirty years of consulting experience under his belt, along with his outstanding first book on the topic, The Art of Consulting (2018, FriesenPress), author Jose Herrera is an expert in the field. Drawing on his decades of experience in IT consulting and the many occasions he has occupied a position of leadership as part of a team, he is a trustworthy source for any advice on consulting as part of a group—which is what he hopes to deliver in this follow-up volume.

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Jose Herrera

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