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  • A Century of Service

    The Story of The Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma by

    In 1933, the fate of Casa Loma, a once-proud edifice in the heart of Toronto, hung in the balance. Initially built as a private residence, the castle was languishing in the post-war depression, and the City of Toronto was prepared to accept tenders ...

  • The Leadership-Driven Method (LDM) to Performance Measurement

    The How-to Book on Improving Performance Measurement in the Public and Not-For-Profit Sectors by

    In so many cases, senior public servants are forced to make decisions with incomplete, inaccurate and untimely information. Without effective information, ships of state are sailing blind. MORE THAN JUST THEORY, The Leadership Driven Method (LDM) ...

  • Be the Change(maker)

    Lessons from Those Who Are & A Catalyst for Those Who Will by

    Are you a changemaker? Many people are drawn to make positive change in the world, but feel daunted by the legends of iconic activists like Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela. By considering how everyday people make a difference in their own ...

  • Volunteer Fundraising Simplified

    How to Raise Money for a Cause You Love by

    Volunteer Fundraising Simplified breaks fundraising down into basic steps so anyone can be a volunteer fundraiser, make a tremendous difference to a nonprofit, with the added bonus of feeling great about doing it. Topics include engaging potential ...

  • Waves Of Hope

    The Impact of Galcom Radio Worldwide by

    This is the compelling story of how God took a country boy, gave him a worldwide vision and then used him to impact the world through radio. From steamy jungles to clattering cities, from wind swept deserts to frozen tundra GALCOM solar-powered, ...

  • TECHnically Connected

    Navigating Distance on Virtual Teams by

    Keep your life and your team tethered while working in your virtual environment. Your team is not available to meet regularly face-to-face. You rely on technology to communicate and collaborate. While bringing you together, technology also ...

  • The Intrepid Nonprofit

    Strategies for Success in Turbulent Times by

    The Intrepid Nonprofit is a playbook for nonprofit leaders to help them navigate the turbulent environment ahead. It examines difficult challenges facing nonprofits, such as shrinking or stagnating revenue sources, technological change, ...

  • Live to Lead

    The Missing Link in Leadership Development by

    A deep self awareness is essential for the best life. Those who are fully human, who are confident in knowing who they truly are, are then and only then fully equipped to lead. Self Awareness is the missing link in leadership development. Herein, ...