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  • Work It, Girl!

    A Modern-Day Career Guide for Women in Sales by

    THE SALES MAKEOVER! Work It, Girl! is the essential handbook for any modern-day woman navigating a career in technology sales. Over half the jobs women pursue after college are in sales, but, unfortunately many women don’t see sales as a real and ...

  • Work It!

    A Modern-Day Sales Planner by

    Work It! A modern-day sales planner is the sales planner you always wish you had. At its core, it’s simply a daily planner and notebook designed with the sales professional in mind. When used to its capacity, however, it is an absolute game changer. ...

  • Threading the Needle

    Tales from the Rag Trade by

    For 35 years Michael and Sheri Ginsberg owned Fine Line Imports, a wholesale women's clothing business, based in Toronto Canada. This memoir is their story - an entrepreneurial journey and behind-the-scenes look into the business of ready-to-wear ...

  • Selling Benefits

    Lessons Learned, Voyages Travelled, Stories Shared by

    Lessons Learned - Voyages Travelled - Stories Shared This is not just a book about selling employee benefits, another sales manual or a book about sailing trips and travelling the world. SELLING BENEFITS is all that and more, in an easy and ...

  • The Anti-Marketing Manifesto

    How to Sell Without Being a Sellout by

    DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SUSTAINABLE, ETHICAL, AND PROFITABLE BUSINESS WITHOUT FEELING LIKE A SELLOUT? Are you willing to be your true self in business and accept the consequences—and rewards—of doing so? People are sick to death of being targeted, ...


    Change your life by changing the way you do business by

    Honored with a "finalist" designation from USA BOOK NEWS as one of 2015's Best Business Sales book for the year. "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. ...

  • Successful Selling is Simply Awesome


    This informative handbook covers every aspect of selling, and is a great source of information for career-minded salespeople, sales recruits, as well as all those individuals who are aspiring to be in the sales profession. Many individuals feel they ...

  • Entrepreneurial Essentials:

    Unconventional Business Wisdom and Bold Tactics by

    A book about implementing refreshing business strategies in the marketplace including: - Strategies every successful leader must know. - Sales Management Tactics for the goal-oriented executive. - Executive Leadership. - Effective Marketing and ...