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Selling Benefits
Lessons Learned, Voyages Travelled, Stories Shared
by Dave Patriarche

Lessons Learned - Voyages Travelled - Stories Shared This is not just a book about selling employee benefits, another sales manual or a book about sailing trips and travelling the world. SELLING BENEFITS is all that and more, in an easy and entertaining read. You will enjoy and make use of the lessons shared to improve both yourself and your practice. Your business relationships will thrive and be more successful. Dave shares his learnings from his long term business partnerships and through those you will better understand: - How to establish lifelong relationships no one will be able to break - Lessons to help strengthen client partnerships - How to build client loyalty that won't be compromised - Ways of using storytelling to make business lessons stick. You will leave with many practical take-aways you can put to work immediately to improve your business and be more successful.

"It quickly becomes apparent while reading Selling Benefits, how passionate and dedicated Dave is to bringing his expertise to his role as an Employee Benefit Specialist. Its pages highlight everything you need to know about having a successful benefit practice, how to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships and how to educate and protect your clients from potential legal/liability issues. He is an advocate for continuous education which was his motivation for starting the Canadian Group Insurance Brokers Association. Throughout the book he uses his love for sailing and his experiences on the water to relate the good and the bad you can encounter in group benefits. This book reads as if I was sitting next to Dave, having a casual conversation, discussing the industry's top issues. It’s clear that he has spent his entire career helping people, whether it’s clients, fellow advisors, carrier partners or friends. He really wants to make people better. If you are currently or plan on becoming an Employee Benefit Specialist you should definitely read this book! " - Lindsay Gibson, GBA "This is the perfect book for all insurance advisors. If you have one benefits client or 10,000 this book is for you. Dave is a professional, a leader and an expert in the employee benefits business. Dave is sharing his knowledge and wisdom on how to be a true advisor with your clients and not just an order taker. The lessons learned from this book and if practiced by you, your current and future client relationships will strengthen and your competition will be left scratching their heads. Every chapter has a valuable lesson that can be used daily in your insurance and employee benefits practice. Dave shares his successes through real life adventures, stories and experience. Buy this book, read it, then read it again and again. I wish I had it 32 years ago when I started in this business. " - Robert J. Crowder, CLU, GBA- President, The Benefits Trust

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Dave Patriarche founded Mainstay in 1996 to provide employee benefits to small businesses. A strong believer in continuing education in this area, he started a small networking group in 2003, which evolved into Canadian Group Insurance Brokers, an organization dedicated to supporting continuing education for the benefits industry. Dave is recognized as a leader in the benefits industry, a contributor to industry publications, a mentor and resource to benefit brokers and an active participant in industry think tank groups. Dave lives with his wife Joanne in Markham, Ontario and they have 2 sons Matthew and Mitchell. His unique approach to work and life gives him 13+ weeks of vacation. He uses much of this taking clients, friends, and associates sailing. His Heavy Weather Passage, Atlantic Crossing and other adventures have provided him with a bounty of stories he weaves into client interactions, workshops and at speaking events.


Dave Patriarche

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