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  • A Life in Stages

    Eighty-two years of living a good life, learning , working hard and enjoying the love of family and the companionship of friends and colleagues by

    “The station where you begin your life, does not need to be your station at the end of your life. The choice is yours.” Growing up poor in wartime England, Frank Farr is an indifferent student, and once he gets into his rebellious teen years,...

  • The Great Transition

    The Emergence Of Unconventional Leadership by

    We’ve all heard of the Great Depression. Many of us went through the Great Recession. Now, whether we know it or not, all of us are taking part in the Great Transition—a state of unpredictability and change driven by technology and consumers. The...

  • Last Retailer Standing

    Relevant Leadership Relevant Brand by

    The speed with which consumers make choices will be faster than in the last two decades, making the predictability of the right strategic direction even more challenging. The business world is evolving at an unprecedented pace with a sputtering...