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Last Retailer Standing
Relevant Leadership Relevant Brand
by George Minakakis

The speed with which consumers make choices will be faster than in the last two decades, making the predictability of the right strategic direction even more challenging. The business world is evolving at an unprecedented pace with a sputtering economy, the advancement of technology, and disruptive competitive forces. All are re-writing the rules of customer engagement.

This book is a must-read for anyone leading or managing any business with a deteriorating culture, failing market relevance, and a need to change their short- and long-term performance. The boards and owners that oversee these organizations need to respond more swiftly to the decision-making of management.

The one industry that faces the greatest challenge is the retail sector, where staying relevant has always been difficult and longevity of retail brands is something that is not easily achieved. So much of remaining relevant and competitive resides within leadership’s ability to move an organization in the right direction.

The Last Retailer Standing is a book that establishes what organizations need to address in order to remain competitive for the long-term.

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George Minakakis is a successful international Retail Executive who has worked in Canada, USA, Hong Kong and China. He is a change management leader with an acumen and ability to mobilize resources, stimulate competition and make radical changes to reverse under-performance and transform organizations.

Minakakis holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and has successfully lead retail businesses in three Countries. He has acted as Executive General Manager for four retail brands in Canada, and has lead the launch of a premium retail brand in China and Hong Kong as Chief Executive Officer. His background includes Fashion Retail, Quick Service Restaurants and Franchising. He is a strong advocate of corporate governance and social responsibility. Minakakis also acts as a mentor for executives and entrepreneurs in the retail sector.


George Minakakis
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