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  • Before the Storm

    Exploring Protection Planning and Security Integration by

    We build infrastructure and everything else for a purpose, which enables a service, activity, or capability. All infrastructure has a purpose. When we protect against harm, it is the purpose that we are protecting. When we know how to protect that ...

  • How to Configure and Equip your Warehouse

    From dock to stock and back to dock. by

    For warehouses, distribution centers and plant stores ■ Many descriptions of material handling equipment ■ Combining of various equipment types into systems ■ Selecting a preferred system for an existing building ■ Configuring of a new ...

  • Physical Asset Management

    An Organizational Challenge by

    A holistic approach to managing physical assets has become a top priority for organizations both in the public and private sectors. For years to come considerable amount of funds is being committed to invest in physical assets and asset management ...

  • Succession Planning That Works

    The Critical Path of Leadership Development by

    Many attempts to establish a succession plan fail. Why? They run up against insurmountable implementation challenges, or weak executive commitment and follow-through. Succession Planning That Works: The Critical Path of Leadership Development is a ...