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Physical Asset Management
An Organizational Challenge
by Dharmen Dhaliah

A holistic approach to managing physical assets has become a top priority for organizations both in the public and private sectors. For years to come considerable amount of funds is being committed to invest in physical assets and asset management practitioners are honing their skills to be part of the huge undertaking.

But there is one key oversight: how will organizations cope with the implementation of a holistic physical asset management approach? In many organizations there exists a lack of collaboration and alignment to achieve organizational strategic goals. Why? Organizational silos, the very silos that must be major contributors for the successful implementation of the holistic physical asset management approach.

Physical Asset Management — An Organizational Challenge explores how the physical asset management philosophy fits within an organization, details the challenges it faces, and reviews the different functional areas dealing with physical assets. Existing gaps and overlaps are uncovered, exposing those that hinder collaboration and alignment. Written with asset management practitioners in mind, as well as everyone involved with physical assets, Physical Asset Management-An Organizational Challenge and its case studies will aid organizations to be better prepared when they embark on the journey of holistic physical asset management.

Dharmen Dhaliah has over twenty-six years of working experience in the private and public sectors where he has held various positions in physical asset management, maintenance management, reliability engineering, and project management in a wide range of industries. He is a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer, a Certified Asset Management Assessor, a Project Management Professional, a Maintenance Management Professional, and a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional. He is a member of the Board of Directors of PEMAC (Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada) and also a member of the Canadian Advisory Committee (CAC) for the ISO 55000 standards. He is instructor of the Maintenance Management Program (MMP), the “Planification et gestion de la maintenance” (PGM) program and the Asset Management Professional Certificate (AMPC) program.


Dharmen Dhaliah

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