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infrastructure resilience, infrastructure protection, security integration, physical security, risk assessment, catastrophe planning, corporate environment

Before the Storm
Exploring Protection Planning and Security Integration
by A. H. Hay

We build infrastructure and everything else for a purpose, which enables a service, activity, or capability. All infrastructure has a purpose. When we protect against harm, it is the purpose that we are protecting. When we know how to protect that purpose, we know what we require of our infrastructure and can incorporate our protection approach and measures directly into the design. When protection is inherent to the design of a system, it is inherent to the service, activity, or capability. This more closely reflects how people behave and is more efficient than imposing security measures on system design. Protection and resilience go hand in hand, with the same foundation in risk analysis. When we understand this relationship, we can forecast protection requirements over the life of the capability and design accordingly. We can protect against the unknown by focusing on how failure affects the operations that we can control.

Join Marianne as she builds on her developing understanding of infrastructure risk and resilience, and explores the protection and security of assets and capabilities, encounters diverse perspectives, and learns the meaning of social licence. The threats she faces are not only project-based and she must deal with real-world challenges from colleagues and clients. Through her journey, we learn the value of evidence-based planning, focusing on those aspects that we can control, and spending the time to really understand why, as much as what is being protected. Before the Storm builds on the principles and concepts introduced in After the Flood. It is a clear and engaging exploration of protection planning for students, industry practitioners, or anyone interested in infrastructure, business continuity, security integration, and emergency and risk management.

"Whether you are a professor, a company owner, a mayor, or a consultant, Before the Storm provides a playbook for operational security and resilience that accepts and addresses the uncertainty organizations are facing today. When the next flood, pandemic, or other hazard arrives, Hay provides the means to weather the storm."

—Dr. Lesley Herstein

"What an interesting approach to what can otherwise be a process-focused series of dry discussions. I love the narrative style. I look at this and realize, with experience and confidence, that this sort of interaction across disciplines has been ongoing for some time. It cuts across the community planning and resilience realities in North America and beyond, particularly in the UK, Australia and NZ. I am pleased to say that it reviews what is established in many sectors but in a way that is likely rewarding and value-added learning for the participants."

—John Neily, A/Commr RCMP (Retd)

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A. H. Hay is an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto, where he researches and teaches infrastructure planning, resilience and protection. His research focus is on the role of infrastructure in community rehabilitation following conflict and disaster. He is the founding principal of Southern Harbour Ltd, a Toronto-based risk, resilience, and planning consultancy, and is also a principal on the international Register of Security Engineers and Specialists. He is the author of "Operational Survival: Putting Resilience at the Core of Infrastructure Planning," and "After the Storm: Exploring Operational Resilience," as well as numerous peer-reviewed papers and articles. He lives with his wife and three children in Toronto, where he enjoys exploring the city's vibrant restaurant and entertainment scene.


A. H. Hay

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