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  • The Hands that Feed Us

    Inside the World of International Agricultural Research - A Memoir by

    “Not many people can say they wouldn’t change anything in a career—but I can.” – Gordon MacNeil Gordon MacNeil has had an extensive fifty-year career in one of the largest foreign aid enterprises of the world, focusing on finance in international ...

  • Digital Executor®

    Unraveling the New Path for Estate Planning by

    The world has gone digital and so have our clients’ estates. Digital assets may simply be electronic records, but they are the digital gateway to our lives. They are our memories, our money, and our records, making technology the new player at the ...

  • Living Your Dream

    A Practical Resource to Enhance Personal Wealth Creation and Management by

    Each of us has our own personal vision of what we want to achieve and experience over the course of our life. The challenge is managing our time and resources in a manner that allows that vision to be achieved. Living Your Dream is designed to help ...

  • Financial Inclusion at the Bottom of the Pyramid


    As incredible as it may seem in this hyper-connected, technologically advanced era, half the planet’s population exist as “Financial nomads”—those who nourish and shelter themselves without using traditional banking services. While the wealthy live ...

  • The Art of Wealth

    Barriers to Entry by

    Becoming rich or, better yet, wealthy requires a certain mind-set. Becoming wealthy is fairly straight forward—theoretically. In practice, there are hurdles that most of us don’t even see. These are the barriers to entry that allow many in ...

  • Money Matters


    This book can help everyone to learn the basics of starting a business, to purchasing or selling Real Estate, looking at retirement, make a budget, live without debt, plan for the future, make your dreams come true, and becoming a millionaire.