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  • Unmasking of Our Interiors

    A Queer Incubator of Courage, Resilience and Interior Design Leadership by

    A memoir of survival, rebellion, and tenacity, this narrative follows the author’s incredible life journey, from survivor and outcast to mentor, ground-breaker, and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Born a preemie and raised in disfunction and poverty on ...

  • Family and Friends Along the Way


    This is my story. About a gay guy born and raised in suburban Toronto. It is about being different and about the struggle to discover and recognize my gayness in a society that shunned and targeted gay youth and men. But it is not just about ...

  • Calming Dr. Twitch-A-Lot Volume 2

    From Heroic Fantasy to Human Reality-An Approximate Autobiography by

    Calming Dr. Twitch-A-Lot Volume 1 culminates in Evelyn Wolff’s transformation into an artist. Volume 2 opens with Evelyn passionately embarking on her apprenticeship in stained glass. As well she trains as a psychotherapist and begins her Buddhist ...

  • Saved as Draft

    Stories of Self-Discovery Through Letters & Notes by

    Saved as Draft: Stories of Self-Discovery Through Letters & Notes is N.D. Chan’s brave and searing collection of observations about the shifting world she inhabits as a Chinese American woman. Born in Chinatown, New York, Chan was sent to China ...

  • My Afterlife After a Life

    A gay man's account of his personal journey by

    Meet Dru Hylen. He’s gay, outspoken, a cancer survivor and is living with AIDS. He has lived a life that took him on a bumpy roller coaster ride. He was a world recognized athlete in his sport of bowling, even representing the United States in the ...

  • Without Reserve

    A Memoir Part Two by

    In this second volume of her memoir, Dorinda Vollmer continues her life story following her departure from the Roseau River Indian Reserve in southern Manitoba in June, 1981. Settling in Ontario, she established her ministry in small rural towns ...