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  • Catharina

    Black & White & Very Little Gray by

    The arduous journey of a Dutch - American, from childhood in Nazi occupied Holland, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the USA.

  • Snow Nomad

    An Avalanche Memoir by

    From bombs to bombillas, Snow Nomad: An Avalanche Memoir, chronicles the fifty seasons author Alan Dennis worked in the avalanche patch, travelling between Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, and Argentina. His nomadic account is composed of “facts, ...

  • LIMA-3

    And the Mustang Grunt by

    In 1966, career Marine Lieutenant Frank McCarthy received the assignment of a lifetime when he was assigned as a platoon commander in an infantry battalion preparing for deployment to Vietnam. Following several months of training his men, whom he ...

  • Journeying with Jim

    My personal reflections of caregiving successes and challenges while Dementia robbed me of the man I loved by

    Journeying with Jim is an intimate, detailed account of a wife’s experience with her soul mate’s Dementia. As Noreen Peters quickly learned, a diagnosis of Dementia throws life into disarray for two people—patient and caregiver. Together she and her ...

  • Tales from a Snowbank


    In Tales from a Snowbank, you will read about the challenges of surviving in a sub-arctic community, such as walking home from school with the fear of turning a corner and coming face-to-face with a big white bear. This is an autobiographical ...

  • When All This Is Over


    A unique and beautifully crafted glimpse into life lived to the brim, When All This Is Over follows the true story of a young girl as she navigates faith, family, tragedy, and happiness from her early days in a rural English village, to nostalgic ...

  • An Opened Gate


    Hope. Faith. Endurance. An Opened Gate invites readers to learn to trust in God, to never give up, and to keep reaching for what is beyond but can’t yet be seen. Elizabeth Janzen writes about living close to the earth, working hard together as a ...

  • The Boy from World's End

    A Memoir by

    The Boy from World’s End is a detailed and honest account of the life and experiences of David Smith. The book traces David’s early education in England, focusing on his experiences of wartime evacuation and life in a remote rural setting at a place ...

  • A Beautiful Ray of Sunshine

    Restoring Hope to a 1994 Rwandan Tutsi Genocide Survivor by

    This book avails the details of Janette’s life from her upbringing in Uganda to her travels throughout East Africa, Rwanda and the Western world as a young adult up to today. It brings tears, laughter and insights to the cultural shocks that we all ...

  • Angel Wings #37166 10-8 Heaven

    An Angel watches over the Peacekeepers by

    ANGEL WINGS #37166 10-8 HEAVEN is a true-life story that captures the unique working relationship of a close-knit Royal Canadian Mounted Police team of three policewomen and their elite compassionate police supervisor, who along with other police ...