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free will, good and evil, metaphysical questions, positive belief, positive psychology, science of happiness, scripture meaning

Mastering The Battle of Belief
Establishing and Sustaining Positive Belief
by Lynn Nola Stadnek

Are you struggling to be happy? Are you not content with life? Do you find that you fight to be positive? Mastering the battle of belief gives you insight into how to turn that around and why it’s important to do so.

Physically everything consists of only positive, negative, and neutral energy. If you understand that spiritually you have only three ways of belief, life becomes a lot more manageable, and you can control what energy is present in your life. In this book you’ll learn why and how to use your experiences to build positive belief by using the negative in a positive way.

Included is an example of the first story that we hold in negative belief. The author uses this story to show elements not identified in the past. She adds to the original story and shows how the negative element is overcome.

Mastering the Battle of Belief can have a large impact on how you view life. It gives you permission to look for more than what is obvious.

Lynn Nola Stadnek is an inspirational non-fiction writer; she is naturally philosophical and spiritual. Lynn’s spirituality is self-taught and not based on any worldly following. She attended bible school as a child, and the scriptures were discussed in her parents’ home in a philosophical way. She searched the scriptures on her own, coming to her own interpretation.

Lynn was born, raised and currently resides in Saskatchewan, Canada. For about the last 25 years she’s been writing and working on her own philosophy by researching and analyzing basic science, scriptures, her own life’s experiences, and the behaviours of others. She has spent her life examining philosophical and spiritual questions, and she has developed her own answers into a coherent whole. It can all be found in Mastering the Battle of Belief.


Lynn Nola Stadnek

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