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  • 107 Illustrations

    Imagination in Minimalism by

    Made with a subtle style 107 Illustrations is sure to please and delight anyone who likes to laugh and wonder about the ordinary things around them. Simple, clean and mixed with scenes of the unusual bumping into the usual. It is balanced with a ...

  • Up Close and Personal

    The Equine Paintings by

    In this equine painting series by Nancy B Frank, the images explore the sometimes troubled, sometimes harmonious, relationship between horse and human. Frank also delves into her artistic journey and some of her own relationships with horses she's ...

  • Art and Design


    This book is about innovative design, creative coloring, and imagination of universe. Each image contains intuitive design pattern and colors that expresses a message that could be interpreted differently at personal perspective. Each design pattern ...

  • Environmental Sculptures

    Sculpture Installations by

    In Environmental Sculpture, award-winning artist and educator Sherrill Hardy presents seven of her most innovative and environmentally-focused sculpture installations alongside deep discussions about these imaginative works of art, their inspiration ...

  • Make Your Mark in Pastels

    Get hooked on painting with pure pigment by

    Make Your Mark in Pastels by Karin Richter Karin Richter's passion for teaching others is evident in this easy-to-follow instructional book which presents a fresh, unintimidating way to learn the medium of PASTELS. Karin's approach is all about ...

  • Canada Western Landscapes

    Through The Years by

    Inspired by a first publishing of Carol Cowan’s paintings, which generated a great deal of interest, this second edition Canada Western Landscapes is a wonderful collection of her work in water colour, multi-media oils, acrylics. With an artistic ...

  • Out of the Dark

    Night paintings of Alfred Muma by

    OUT OF THE DARK captures the colourful interplay and beauty of the night-time colours seen in Alfred Muma’s paintings. Since Alfred’s first night painting experience on Rock Lake, Algonquin Park as a teen, he has found inspiration and delight in the ...

  • ART Begets ART

    One Artist's Inspiration by

    FROM WHENCE DOES MY INSPIRATION COME? This is the story of the inspiration behind a prolific repertoire of realistic and abstract work that is charged with energy, passion and colour. Faye is also the published illustrator for the children’s book, ...