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tiles, women ceramists, Carol Janeway, Ossip Zadkine, Georg Jensen Inc., midcentury tiles, Maya Deren

The Art of Carol Janeway
A Tile & Ceramics Career with Georg Jensen Inc. and Ossip Zadkine in 1940s Manhattan
by Victoria Jenssen

The Art of Carol Janeway portrays the exotic life and artistic career of a woman whose commercial success as a tile decorator and ceramist in New York in the 1940s and later retirement due to lead poisoning offer a fascinating study. Victoria Jenssen presents the career of yet another previously unrecognized woman artist, Carol Janeway (1913-1989), who was an entrepreneur and a single mother. While Janeway often exhibited, twice at the MoMA for example, few museums today own Janeway ceramics.

This book will appeal to those interested in the following artists and topics: Georg Jensen Inc. and Frederik Lunning, Jens Risom, Ossip Zadkine, Maya Deren, Leo Lerman and Richard Hunter, Harold Ambellan, Tusnelda Sanders, underglaze ceramic decoration both freehand and printed, Lisette Model, Catherine Yarrow, Ed Wiener, Madeleine Turner, Stalin’s Moscow of the early 1930s, syndicated woman journalists of the 1940s, Ralph Ingersoll and Charles Marsh, Josiah Wedgwood & Sons, Lou Block, Doris Lee, Walter Duranty, Eliot Janeway, Julien Levy’s The Imagery of Chess, preservation of Greenwich Village. Among several celebrity owners, Marilyn Monroe owned five Janeway doorknobs.

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While earning degrees from New York University, Victoria Jenssen lived in New York City's tumult of the 1960s and 1970s, sharing Carol Janeway's neighborhoods and causes. A trained art historian, a retired archaeological conservator, and an educator, she has applied her versatile background to researching, gathering Janeway materials, and writing this book. Jenssen and Jim Collins live in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, where they raised three children: Erika Ide, Lucy and Peter Collins.


Victoria Jenssen
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