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Our Journey to the Dentist [Inuktitut/English Edition] cover

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Our Journey to the Dentist [Inuktitut/English Edition] will be available for purchase on the bookstore shortly.

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Our Journey to the Dentist [Inuktitut/English Edition]
by Mark Thunderchild

Join Maaku, Dax, and Charlie as they journey to the dentist’s office. Find out if they have defended their teeth against Gingi Jim, Plaquer Pete, and Cavity Carl! Learn about the diverse experiences of an Inuit family, a Cree family, and a Métis family, introduced in the beloved Kohkum’s Kitchen, who unravel the mysteries of oral health while embracing their vibrant Indigenous backgrounds. Maaku sets out from the Arctic on an airplane, filled with curiosity about what lies ahead. Dax, brimming with questions, settles in for a long car trip as he travels with his family. Charlie takes a bus ride through the busy city before eagerly meeting the dentist. Once they meet Dr. Sheri, she teaches them how to keep their teeth healthy and how to be superheroes who protect their teeth from sugarbugs. The children also reconnect with the lessons of the Medicine Wheel, a timeless guide for well-being. In partnership with the Indigenous Dental Association of Canada, Our Journey to the Dentist nurtures Indigenous children’s connection to their heritage and highlights the importance of their oral health. In this version the reader can enjoy English and Inuktitut.

Mark Thunderchild’s literary journey began with his debut book, Kohkum’s Kitchen, where he introduced readers to Canadian Indigenous families, sharing their ancient knowledge and celebrating the blend of traditional and contemporary Indigenous cultures. As a father, Mark has had his share of challenges, including instilling positive dental habits in his children, and this inspired him to write this second book in his series. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Sheri McKinstry, a dentist and pediatric oral surgeon, and partnering with the Indigenous Dental Association of Canada, Mark created Our Journey to the Dentist to increase awareness and education around Indigenous oral health. Mark is a devoted family man and lives in Warman, Saskatchewan with his daughter, two sons, and his wife, Amanda Melnychuk, who is also the talented illustrator of his series of books. He’s a talented gas fitter, and he’s often out in nature, enjoying sports, hunting, fishing, and hiking whenever he can. Connect with Mark Thunderchild on Instagram and Facebook (@markthunderchild) and catch a glimpse of his creative journey on TikTok (@thunderdad25).


Mark Thunderchild
Amanda Melnychuk
Therese Okkumaluk

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