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Keeping It Cool
by Joanna Jackson and Olivia Jordan

Earth is surrounded by an atmosphere that’s just like a bubble! When that bubble gets too big, Earth grows too warm. But with your help, we can shrink the bubble and keep Earth cool! This book teaches young readers the causes of climate change—and what they can do to help stop it. Climate education can often be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing for young children, which is why Keeping it Cool promotes tangible actions that kids can complete to help keep the Earth cool. Whether at home or in the classroom, this book will help you spark meaningful and educational conversations with the kids in your life. Keeping it Cool was the runner-up in the Our Project Canada Empowering Youth For Climate Action Award, given annually to recognize outstanding student leadership and contributions to Canada’s sustainable future.

Harbour View High School Climate Action has been active since its founding in 2018. Three of their members came together to create Keeping It Cool. Joanna is a passionate reader, writer, and all things English fanatic. Her love for literature started at a very young age, and she can’t wait to share that with today’s younger generation. Olivia is a free spirit who is glad to educate children on how to build a better future for themselves. She believes education is the key to change. Claire is a varsity athlete and percussionist in her school’s band. When she isn’t focused on her homework, she is creating incredible art in her unique style.


Joanna Jackson
Olivia Jordan
Claire Malco

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