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Persian Garden of Imagination
Iranian Myths, Fairy Tales, and Folk Tales
by Manijeh Rabiei-Roodsari

Carefully curated and translated by Dr. Manijeh Rabiei, Persian Garden of Imagination breathes new life into these ancient texts that shed light on Iranian culture and mythology. The literary stories of Iran contain complex topics and symbols related to the region’s classic, pre-Abrahamic faiths, including Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, and mysticism. This collection comprises thirty stories that began in the oral storytelling tradition from before the written word was created. For millennia, the folklore found in this book was used as a way for people to understand their fears, to express their culture’s worldview, and to interpret the deep and fascinating history of their region. Filled with beautiful and evocative literary art, tales of deception, and stories of enduring love, Persian Garden of Imagination captures the essence of the Persian belief system and provides essential reading for anyone craving knowledge about this mesmerizing part of the world.

This book provides a window into Iranian culture by introducing the motifs found in its stories, and thus in its collective psyche. These stories, though a central element of Iranian culture, are largely unknown to the broader world. I dedicate the book to beautiful Iran and its poetic people who are the original creators of these stories. Manijeh Rabiei-Roodsari

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Dr. Manijeh Rabiei is a lifelong researcher and educator who holds a Ph.D. in history and worked for decades as an encyclopedist, academic researcher, and university lecturer. Because of her extensive knowledge, she is considered an expert amongst the Iranian scholarly community in the contemporary history of Persia, as well as in India’s Islamic history. Now retired, Dr. Rabiei works as a freelance author and researcher, focusing on her new favourite subject: stories and folk tales from Persia. While she has previously published many educational books and articles in Farsi, this is her first work in English. Dr. Rabiei lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her daughter, grandson, and cat named Kitty.


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