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Right or Left?
At Heaven’s Floating Bridge
by Don Dickie

Morihei Ueshiba founded the martial art Aikido, believing that the combination of mental and physical training would allow Aikido practitioners to make a difference in their lives. With time, that difference, born out of activity and stillness, would ripple outwards to bring about a more peaceful world.   O Sensei left us with many lectures, poems, and calligraphy guiding not only the physical practice but the mental practice of Aikido in the pursuit of unifying body and mind. Despite this, many Aikido instructors and students focus solely on the physical training aspect.   This book is not only an introduction to O Sensei’s words and wisdom but to Don Dickie’s interpretation of those guiding principles as an accomplished practitioner and teacher of Aikido. This manual is an essential resource—borne of lived experience and years of observation—that will help Aikido practitioners of all ages and levels deepen and evolve their practice.   Divided into three parts, it explores the physical, mental, and practical dimensions of Aikido: part one looks at common pitfalls and misconceptions in the physical training; part two provides instruction in meditation and how to integrate it into the physical technique practice; and part three examines how to experience mind-body unity and bring the benefits of that practice into the practitioners’ daily lives.

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Don Dickie has been practicing Aikido for more than 40 years. He holds the rank of 6th Dan in the Aikikai style of Aikido and 3rd Dan in Tae Kwon Do. Dickie also follows a daily meditation practice as a practicing Buddhist. Since 1990, he has been the Chief Instructor of the Ottawa Aikikai.   Professionally, he holds a Ph.D. in Statistics and Measurement, an MSc and BSc in Kinesiology, and a BSc in Cognitive Psychology. His background in kinesiology and psychology has influenced his approach to teaching Aikido.   His first book, Data Analysis and Sampling Simplified, A Practical Guidance for Internal Auditors, was published in August 2019 by the Institute of Internal Auditors Foundation. He published his first book of poetry about Aikido, Silent Winds of Aikido, in April 2020, followed by Reflections on Aikido and Family and Friends, both published in 2022.   Don lives in a quiet suburb of Ottawa, Canada. He shares his life with a wonderful husband, shaman, and tantrika, Roger.


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