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Hungarian Poetry (Folk, Classical and Modern) in English cover

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Hungarian Poetry (Folk, Classical and Modern) in English
1000 years
by Frank Veszely

An accomplished poet and the author of Canadian Hungarian Literature (1897 - 2017), Frank Veszely brings to the English reader the rich treasure-house of folk, classical, and modern Hungarian poetry (1000 - 2020). The translations read as if they have been done by the original poets, preserving not only their original inspiration and content, but the form, the rhythm and the rhyme patterns of the originals, a feat thought to be impossible by many, but here they are: as fresh as the ink has not dried on them yet. From the poems emerges a nation’s love of freedom with the breath and depth of humanity impossible not to respond to.

Suffer for it all that may hurt, Pain, shame, or even death; But suffer not the country's shame, Your blood's shame, till there is breath. (Vörösmarty Mihály, LOVE OF COUNTRY) From dust, the beautiful homeland Shall rise again, you'll see, There is a Judge above the clouds, There is a destiny. The all-powerful intellect, will fire up the sage, No swords in pay can halt the sway The spirit of the age. (Bajza József: APOTHEOSIS) As if the river flowed straight of my heart, It was wise, murky, even great in part. (József Attila, BY THE DANUBE) Beside this in the whole wide world There is no place for you; The hand of fate may bless or strike: Must live and die here, too. (Vörösmarty MIhály: THE APPEAL)

Born in Kispest, a suburb of Budapest in 1936, the author prepared himself in his youth to become “his nation’s next great poet,” but found himself without a country and without a language following his participation in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Coming to Canada in 1957, he abandoned poetry for a long while, becoming an English-speaking Canadian and a career school teacher. Educated at UBC, he came to Kamloops in 1969, where he still resides. Married a Canadian born woman of Croatian descent, Mary Majnarich in 1965, they had a daughter, Laurel, born in 1970. Retired in 1996, he was diagnosed with heart disease. Undaunted, he returned to university and obtained a B. A. in English Literature. The life-long hiatus was over, and for the next 25 years he devoted his life to realizing the ambition of his youth, writing in both Hungarian and English.


Frank Veszely
Laurel Veszely

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