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His Majesty's Sailor and the Girl in the Blue Coat cover

  • eBook Edition
    • 978-1-03-918798-6
    • epub, pdf files
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    • 978-1-03-918796-2
    • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
    • Black & White interior
    • 240 pages
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    • 978-1-03-918797-9
    • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
    • Black & White interior
    • 240 pages
  • Keywords
    • World War II book,
    • royal navy,
    • historical fiction,
    • World War 2 Britain,
    • WWII submarines,
    • Family in wartimes,
    • family stories

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His Majesty's Sailor and the Girl in the Blue Coat
by Michael D Gilston

It’s the fall of 1942, and the Second World War rages on. The skies above Britain and the oceans around her are a battleground: German bombers target cities like Liverpool and Crewe, while U-Boats and warships prowl the waters between England and France. Ten-year-old Evelyn Jackson and her parents live on rations, waiting for the sounds of the air-raid sirens above them and wondering what will come of their far-flung family in times of war. Eve stands tall, through bombings and evacuations, through an unfair beating and a paralyzing illness, and survives with her smile and her generous heart still intact. Meanwhile, one of her uncles—Submariner Dominic King—serves aboard HMS Tuna. Dominic, the boats Helmsman and along with the crew were under constant threat of German U-Boats and aircraft as they complete their ever-demanding war patrols. From delivering Marine Commandos off the coast of France to protecting the Arctic Convoys in the north Atlantic. Acting Leading Seaman Dominic King would go on to be awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by King George VI at Buckingham Palace for his bravery and courage while under fire. In events in their lives would bring them both together at the edge of the war. Many families have stories like this from mothers and grandmothers; this one is Michael’s. His Majesty’s Sailor and the Girl in the Blue Coat presents heartfelt historical fiction based on real events and stories passed down from the people who were there.

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Michael D Gilston wrote this book to preserve the stories his mother—born Evelyn Jackson—told him about what her life was like during the war, and the stories her mother had told them both about her brother Dominic “Bommy” King. Michael had a desire—to understand his great uncle’s life, to tie it to his mother’s, and to save those stories for his children and grandchildren and whoever will come afterwards. Besides researching British WWII submarines, Michael spends his time enjoying his retirement with his wife of 44 years, their three children, and five grandchildren. He lives in Whitby, Ontario.


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