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A Memoir of Redemption, Sports, and Chasing Dreams
by Ronny Musikitele

Growing up in Ottawa’s West End—a neighborhood marked by gangs and criminal activity—Ronny Musikitele was faced with a cultural shock. Moving into his new neighborhood, he found the outside world filled with gang activities, fights, and the symbolism of red representing the Bloods. His parents created a suburban-like environment at home, but outside, the challenges were stark. As a young, French speaking boy, Ronny discovered the bridge that would allow him to integrate, make friends, and learn the local language—sports. Witnessing the unifying power of basketball through pick-up games, the boys and girls club, and even video games, Ronny quickly recognized its ability to unite the community, sparking his enduring love for the game. But as he stood at the crossroads after high school graduation, faced with the pull of a life of crime that his friends were embracing, Ronny made a life-altering choice. Against the odds, he turned away from the streets and set his sights on a different path—one that would be defined by his unwavering determination and his love for sports management. Not Yet: A Memoir of Redemption, Sports, and Chasing Dreams is an inspiring coming-of-age story about the focus and faith it takes to rise out of hardship. Ronny navigated adversity, overcame mistreatment in the school system, and conquered his doubt and fear to chase his dreams. From coaching to basketball journalism and marketing, Ronny chased his love of sports into a phenomenal career and an empowered life. Embrace the universal language of sports and be empowered to dream big, shape your own destiny, and become an inspiration to the generations that follow. This is a story of triumph, mentorship, and the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to believe. With the unwavering support of his amazing mother and his own unbreakable spirit, Ronny’s journey is a testament to the power of choices and the incredible impact of following one’s passion.

Ronny Musikitele is an accomplished author, sports enthusiast, and sports management professional. With a degree in Communications from Carleton University and a postgraduate diploma in Sport Business Management from Humber College, Ronny’s educational journey has been a dynamic blend of expertise. His passion for sports and storytelling has led him to collaborate with various prominent entities in the sports world. Ronny’s commitment to basketball extended beyond the court, as he became a trailblazer in his schools. At Carleton University, he made history by producing a groundbreaking show for the Women’s basketball team, a feat that had never been achieved before. Similarly, at Humber College, he embarked on a pioneering journey, becoming the first student to accompany and cover the basketball programs throughout the year. An acclaimed storyteller, Ronny’s narratives have earned recognition in film festivals, and his writing talents were acknowledged as he became a finalist for the Story of the Year award from the Globe and Mail. Following the creation of a basketball documentary in the Congo, Ronny’s passion to empower young immigrants found a new calling—penning this book and utilizing his platform for education, inspiration, and empowerment. When not immersed in his professional pursuits, Ronny finds joy in staying active, producing films, crafting stories, and spending quality time with his loved ones. He splits his time between Ottawa, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario continuing to chase his sport management dreams.


Ronny Musikitele

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