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  • Lessons Learned

    My Journey to the Podium by

    Life constantly changes the shots it throws at us. Do you know what to do when life’s on a breakaway to your open net? Or, do you know how to face a major roadblock in your career? Furthermore, are you looking for gold medal-winning strategies ...

  • More Than a Game

    What Minor, Junior, and University Hockey Taught Me About Life by

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of young players take to the ice, dreaming of a career in hockey, yet, only a few make it to the big leagues. A successful hockey career shouldn’t be defined by championships won, records broken, or contracts ...

  • Hockey

    My Door to Europe by

    Hockey My Door to Europe details the author’s personal - sometimes harrowing - experiences covering international hockey, especially behind the Iron Curtain, including the start of youth hockey exchanges between Canada and communist countries. The ...

  • Runners of the Nish

    A Season in the Sun, Rain, Hail and Hell by

    In the late summer of 2016, the X-Men gather at St. Francis Xavier University. From talented but inexperienced seventeen-year-olds, to elite fourth and fifth- year medal holders, revered Coach Bernie Chisholm has assembled a team of cross country ...

  • Wednesdays With Wooden

    A doctor's house calls and his unique bond with a legendary coach by

    Dr. Michael Levi, a Southern California podiatrist, as a youth admired UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden. He attended several of his summer camps and regularly went to UCLA basketball games at Pauley Pavilion with his father, Myron “Mike” Levi. ...

  • Hot Foot

    Walter Knox's Remarkable Life as a Professional in an Amateur World by

    Walter Knox lived in two worlds. As an outstanding track and field athlete, he won amateur championships and broke world records. However, he also explored the seedy world of matched races and it’s violent gambling culture. He played the dangerous ...

  • Olga

    The O.K. Way to a Healthy, Happy Life by

    In my ninth decade, I am enjoying aging gracefully. Growing old happens whether we like it or not, so why not make the best of these years? I learned early on to focus less on my age and more on how I age. With a little practice and perseverance we ...

  • The Fortier Years: A Coach's Story


    When Ross Fortier signed on as head football coach at Moorhead State College in 1970, there was little reason to believe he could transform the Dragons into a major player on the regional and national level. It didn’t take Fortier long to begin ...

  • We Dont Talk About That

    An Amazing Story of Survival by

    Millions of women were abused and raped during the final stages of WW II, and while the attitude among many survivors is “We don’t talk about that”, this woman has found the courage to place her memories on record. Growing up in a rural village in ...