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Indigenous story, Modern Indigenous life, Indigenous life in Canada, Moose meat stew, Extended family, Grandmothers and grandfathers, Cooking

Kohkum's Kitchen
by Mark Thunderchild

In Kohkum’s kitchen the family is large, the stove is warm, and the stew is oh so good. But just what makes this special stew so delicious? Is it Kohkum’s recipes and knowledge, or Mushum’s traditionally hunted moose meat? The grandchildren all think that they know the answer! But how will they decide who’s right? They’d better have another bowl or two before they come to any big decisions.

Kohkum's Kitchen’s is the first book in a series that celebrates Indigenous culture and the traditional knowledge that was almost lost. Perfect for any child who wants to learn more about how modern Indigenous peoples live, this book is a fun and easy way to learn how similar we all are in our hearts.

Mark Thunderchild is a husband, father, and a Canadian Indigenous person who grew up in Cree, Inuk, Dene, and Metis cultures. He loves to hunt and compete in First Nations games. He also coaches First Nations youths and their communities, helping his friends and cousins raise community-orientated children. This is Mark’s first book, and he plans to create an entire series of books celebrating modern Indigenous culture. Mark lives in Warman, Saskatchewan, with his spouse (who is also his illustrator) and their children.

Mark is from Thunderchild First Nation, which is in the Treaty 6 Territory.


Mark Thunderchild
Amanda Melnychuk

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