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The Seven Stones
by A. Mussbacher

In the aftermath of a brutal war spanning two decades, the Empire of Lamora finds itself on the brink of surrender. With a fragile ceasefire in place, the Lamoran empress ventures into enemy territory, guided by the renowned military hero, General Leona Almadzi. Yet, a sense of trepidation gnaws at the general, as she suspects that this act of diplomacy may be a carefully laid trap. While General Almadzi remains focused on safeguarding the empress, an opportunity presents itself to Leas Steele, the cunning mastermind behind the notorious Thieves' Guild. Seizing the chance to exploit the political turmoil, Leas aims to satisfy her own ambitions. Little do they know that their paths are about to intersect in the most unexpected way. An audacious assassination attempt shatters the ceremony, throwing both the general and the thief into a whirlwind of chaos. Bound together by circumstance, they become entangled in a web of deceit, murder, and betrayal. As Leas manipulates the situation to prevent General Almadzi from slipping away, the general uncovers a sinister plot that not only threatens her nation but also poses a grave danger to the world at large. Desperate for answers and driven by a shared desire for justice, General Almadzi reluctantly turns to Leas, recognizing that the thief may hold the key to unveiling the truth. Engaged in a perilous game of cat and mouse, the general must set aside her pride and outwit Leas to navigate a landscape fraught with danger. Yet, lurking behind their every move are forces far more formidable than either of them could have anticipated. As they grapple for control, they soon realize that the puppeteers pulling the strings are far too powerful to be subdued. Step into a world where honor clashes with cunning, and loyalties are tested against the backdrop of an ancient conflict. In this thrilling tale of mystery and suspense, General Leona Almadzi and Leas Steele will discover that the fate of nations and the destiny of their own lives hang in the balance. Will they uncover the truth in time, or will they succumb to the machinations of a hidden enemy? The answers lie within these pages, waiting for you to delve deeper into a realm where nothing is as it seems.

"An indelible world and characters animate this riveting adventure." —Kirkus Reviews" "Mussbacher weaves a tale of love and devotion, betrayal and conspiracy, trust and friendship, and the self-preserving nature of humanity's survival instinct. This book was an adventure that I hoped would never end." —Online Book Club "Fantastic, original world-building and beautifully descriptive writing bring this story to life, one that is loaded with interesting characters, particularly strong and complex women in General Leona Almadzi and Leas Steele, head of the Thieves Guild. Writing in the present tense is an interesting choice and I think it works for this tale, which will keep you guessing and turning the page." —Goodreads "Original, multi-dimensional characters and an intertwined storyline that keeps the reader thoroughly engaged from start to finish." —Amazon

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A. Mussbacher started writing as a child when she would escape from her difficult home life to the library, where she would write out her daydreams. As she got older, writing became a way of exploring things she was fascinated with, including love, death, the afterlife, and grief. Her previous publications include two award-winning short stories called “The Little Things” and “We, The Infinite”, and The Law of Soil, a novel. She lives in Lumsden, Saskatchewan with her husband, their blue heeler pup, Hunter, and their two cats, Einstein and Boba Fett.


A. Mussbacher

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