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murder mystery, mindfulness, self-doubt, truth, reconciliation, atonement, guilt

Atoned in Truth
by B.P. Fletcher

When Lou Brandon retires as the only constable of a small Manitoba town, his life takes on a comfortable but aimless routine. That changes when he slowly becomes friends with the new Catholic priest, Peter Wilson. As the two struggle with life, unlikely circumstances bring them together to investigate a murder long thought solved.

Their friendship gives them the space to question the burdens they carry and how these have limited their lives. But examining life, particularly when it has not been lived honestly, is much easier said than done. Learning to face their truths gives them the opportunity to grow, but comes with risks of failure they may be unwilling to face.

As Brandon and Wilson draw closer to identifying the real murderer, the uncomfortable relationship between the local Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities threatens to derail their investigation completely. Will they be able to find justice for the victim and reconciliation to themselves before it’s too late?

B. P. Fletcher is a retired businessman and educator who lives in Winnipeg. This is his first novel.


B.P. Fletcher

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