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I Am Brilliant... And I Know It
Helping the Early Reader Embrace Their Greatness
by Sophie Lazarou and Suzanne Scotland

Sophie Lazarou is the author of the best-selling books: Beautiful Brilliant and Brave, and I am Beautiful…and I Know it. Her first book was the inspiration for this children’s trilogy series that serves as a tool to initiate important conversations, with our young, as early as possible, in order to help build self-love and self-acceptance within them. I am Brilliant ...and I Know it is the second book of this important series. This book, in particular, is written to help the early reader understand just how bright they already are. A loosely-based autobiographical story of Aces and Laces through their personal lens while in elementary school. This story uncovers some common social narratives and limiting ideals that stifle children’s self-belief and self-perception, undermining their appreciation of the amazingly unique set of gifts and abilities they inherently possess.

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Sophie is a certified professional Life Coach and makes it her business to empower young people and adults, support and teach effective parenting strategies, and help couples and families build functional and healthy homes. Sophie uses education and information to inspire others who want to discover their best in order to love their life, without apology.

Suzanne Scotland RN BScN CON(C) is an oncology nurse and has worked at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto for over thirty years. She is the mother of three sons, a cuddly cat (Ziggy) and a derpy corgi (#MortyLongbottom). She values kindness, humour, self-awareness, and the inclusiveness that is created when we embrace our sameness, and support and respect each other’s uniqueness - all at once. She is grateful to have worked with Sophie on this book that was fun to write and that has such personal meaning. Though written for grade school children, it became apparent that the book’s message about the inherent brightness that we all possess resonates with people of all ages, many of whom were eager to share how their early learning experiences in our education system influenced how they perceived their abilities and intelligence for years to come.

Like Sophie, Suzanne believes that there are many kinds of “knowing”, and that learning is a life-long process that “doesn’t just happen within the four walls of a classroom”. Suzanne may be contacted at

Roxanne Geddes has been making creative messes since birth. Although born and raised in the big city of Toronto, she spent a large amount of her childhood in the Madawaska Valley, with the rivers, forests, and people. Using the ordinary euphorias in our lives, and the falseness of mediocrity, she finds inspiration from her surroundings. For her, art is a translation of curiosities. She looks forward to a life full of creation, exploration and constant learning.

You can find Roxanne and her work at


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