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Alzheimer’s disease, Alzheimer’s fiction, romance, contemporary romance, contemporary women, contemporary women fiction, friendship between women

The Precious Not Forgotten
by Leeann Smith

Faced with a shattering early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Raine Johnston must make two heart-wrenching decisions. One, she will not tell a soul about her condition, and two, she will record as much as she can of her life before she is robbed of her precious memories.

After her mother passes suddenly from a stroke, Victoria Johnston receives a journal in the mail. As she beings to read, she comes to see her mother, as well as other family and friends, in a much different light. Through these writings, Victoria embarks on a journey of forgiveness and compassion—for others but most importantly herself.

Will this endeavor guide Victoria to the path of love and happiness for which she has so yearned?

Leeann Smith has lived in rural Alabama towns all her life. She is mother to amazing daughters and “Gigi” to a precious granddaughter. Though she enjoys her longtime occupation in the medical field, her true passion has always been writing. In addition to The Precious Not Forgotten, she is also the author of Cat’s Eye Marble.

The Precious Not Forgotten was inspired by Leeann’s paternal grandmother and other family members who suffered from Alzheimer’s. As a child, Leeann would sit for hours listening to her grandmother tell stories of her life experiences as well as that of her children and grandchildren.

“The older I get, the more I appreciate those times spent listening to my grandmother as well as other elders. Some stories were happy, some sad, but all were enriched with wisdom. I wish I could go back and tell my young self to record as much of it as possible so even though the people are no longer with us, their legacy could continue.”

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