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Rabbits, Learning to read, Woodland creatures, Animals, Read with me, Reading and books, Forest animals

Benny Bunny's New Book
by Deb Johnson

Benny Bunny has just been given a brand-new book for his birthday! It might be the most exciting book in the world…but Benny isn’t sure, because he doesn’t know how to read! He’ll have to find someone to read it to him if he wants to know for sure.

But Benny’s mom is busy cooking, his grandpa can’t find his glasses, and Bruce the bear could gobble him up in one giant bite! Yikes! What is Benny going to do? He has to find someone to help him read the book. And he’s going to find even more than he expected. There are lessons in the world, not just in the pages of books, and Benny is about to learn something really special.

Deb Johnson photo

Deb Johnson knows a lot about adventures. She’s lived on a farm, raised children, worked in a wide variety of careers, and spent a few winters in Arizona, USA. She loves charcoal sketching, acrylic painting, sculpting, and has even invented a board game…but her greatest passion is telling stories. She has three younger sisters who loved her stories growing up, and when she had children of her own, Deb wrote and illustrated a little book for each of them. She still has the four time-worn originals!

Deb lives in Calgary, Alberta, and is blessed to be able to spend time regularly with her children and grandchildren, who all live in Alberta. She enjoys keeping active with bowling, long walks and bike rides, and volunteers at the Food Bank. Her family is thrilled to see her stories become picture books for other children to enjoy.


Deb Johnson

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